He was her school girl day’s hero
He got a vogue and gallantry, indeed
Ungracefully thin and tall, though
Don Quixote was still her hero

They then both became good pals,
Then all things fell in the right place
He liked her.
She was astounded by him.
Don Quixote was a good friend.

He really was her school girl day’s hero
The hero who, one day, strolled down the stairs,
Seeing the girl waiting as she said:
I like you.
Don Quixote was the hero.

Long days passed
High school-ish letters were hid in bookcases
For only good times rolled
For the time being was their own

, one day, was oblivious
That his strengths were no longer invincible
That a villain, a powerful one, came in to trap his lover
The hero suddenly died as both parted.

The girl was corrupted; she was a tramp
Long lonely years and the hero recovered
Jolly and gay, however blue
Ungracefully tall and thin, but still a hero

Two roads met like swinging hinges
The girl has fallen to many traps
But they held each other’s hand
Don Quixote was all understanding
For Don Quixote was a hero