June 2011

She's Out of My League

It was in the same manner as a movie (a romantic movie usually) goes, the guy must say. An average Joe meets his perfect woman. Typical, average, traditional, blah.

However, in every story, as a matter of fact, there is still something special. Of course, it is theirs. Or it is his. What matters is that at least he has one.


“She is insensitive,” he says.

“What insensitive? She doesn’t even know what you’re up to,” a friend notions.

In the sphere of his silence, he felt like he is in a field of crowded thoughts, which he strongly agrees.

“How can a 10 go for a 5?” his daily mantra says. His inferiority complex is a dragging hell.

One day, he hopped in the elevator with her. The downward tour lasted for exactly 18 seconds. He in fact calculated it due to only two reasons:

A. How long will he cast away the moment every time he is with her.

B. How long will he endure the agony every time she’s with him (the other guy).

Despite this daily anguish, he knew in the very start that she would never tolerate her boyfriend’s mid-life crisis, or vice-versa.

They broke up as he wished. On the other hand, the extent of his gladness was not far too long.

“How can a 10 go for a 5?” he once again brought up.

Indeed, how could a 19-year-old clumsy, little rag guy win someone’s heart?

Days passed by. She left. He moved on; he dealt for the “right” of her absence.

But this “right” thing knocked his head. He clearly misunderstood the absence of sunny, yellow background and moving in slow motion.

It is extremely touching.


There’s nothing really special about that story. Perhaps, that makes the story untypical. It’s just quite a thing.

Made this when the world got suddenly bored. In the middle of the afternoon, Zeno and I were fed up of working all day long.