February 2012

2012 Trips

I assume that my pending trips are worthy enough to compensate every single peso I spent because at the very most, I might not be able to afford anything afterward. Anyhow, despite reasonable arguments, my vacations are in full swing this year.

My 2012 is made of whole bang up trip. I am now managing to involve into financial affairs that I, in the end, will surely worry. This is the thrill of vacations, I must say.

To start with, I went to Cebu last weekend. Out of resentment and desire, this trip materialized the day after I booked my solo Puerto Princesa getaway. I was told that I shouldn’t take trips alone because I might end up in an inhabitable place, or I might get lost. Blah.

Honestly, I always point out to my friends that I am no selfish bitch. Planning alone is more preferable than making plans with them that, in the end, might yield against their will, like what to do, where to go, or when to sleep.

So today, I took all the courage to confront my pay slip. If I were in the same feelings as my pay slip or wallet, I have sulked to death. I know that if it just wished to speak, it will be a big scolding thing. I will be apologetic. But so far, no words come out of it, and it doesn’t come out ahead so I still push my unthrifty spending around a little.

On March 18, I will be in Bohol. This trip is a wrong move. We should have gone to Bohol when we were still in the Cebu City. It is just the same route with a brief trip away. To tell you, I stared stupidly to the nearby islands.

By the way, I still have a lot of travels at hand. After Bohol, I booked a flight to Puerto Princesa on March 27 to 30. I will be travelling alone and that sounds reassuring and promising.

On September 9 to 12, Zeno, my office-mate, and I will have the greatest time of our life at Coron, Palawan. This tourist spot is located in the northern part of Palawan where mountains, trees, rivers, lakes, and vast ocean make you stay.

Next is Bicol-CamSur on October 11 to 14.

Philippines is a must-see place. Truly, there are many potential tourist spots in my country.

Looking ahead, as days or months draw nearer, the lone idea of my vacations and being far in a place you wished you had never been, instead in a different place that you just dreamed of visiting lessens stress and lifts the pain from being burned-out.

Raffy Christopher Dominguez at Cebu


In order to save more money and to avoid too much spending, perhaps I might consider that I should always stay home despite late-night drinking, but I still have contingency money and I deem to drink few bottles; although, by that time, I am really quite hungry.

In that moment, I will explain, over and over, that I need to be thrifty, and by the fact that I am already lying comfortably in bed, this might be the perfect time to sleep.

That Day

One, I am not riding the Feb. 14 bandwagon. Two, I was just forced to write something about it. Lastly, it’s not V-day anymore.

So today, I resent the idea of that day because unfortunately, nothing special happened.  February 14 has gone beyond what I have always least expected because, let alone the day itself, it is just a normal Tuesday.

I was thought that February 14 should be celebrated, but that is not to say that it should be celebrated in a grand manner.

A year ago, I was bugged by my friend to gave her a flower on the 14th. I was never her lover, nor having the slightest ‘something.’ Despite my will and so just to fill the breach of her desperation to receive flowers, I promised to give something or do anything on that day.

However, days before the V-day, an argument arose between us. My Feb. 14 plan was trashed and I spent the day like all normal days go—watched cat videos on YouTube.

Obviously, I felt alone and that left me quite a hope for new romantic story, but of course, not today, not for me. My friends thought that I was cheated by love and unfortunately deprived of a true happy ending story. Well, that’s life.

Anyhow, we never talked in a month or so. Of course, everyone assumed to feel innocent until one was proven guilty.  I knew that my promise sent a wrong message, and she was mad about it.

I deemed for reconciliation the next time we met. She said that I was wicked, firm and heavy-handed, oppressive, harsh, blah.


This year, I thought of doing something special that just ended up in sleeping. When I woke up that night, I knew that I should do something.

After contemplating, I grabbed my phone, checked if her number is still there, made a message.

Message sent.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Sino ka-date mo tonight?

This caricature was drawn by Ardie Aquino on the day when all things around became a matter of self-preservation. We were fishing for ideas for his comics, and dinosaurs, bathroom jokes, and imaginable dreams came out.

Naturally, this guy has all the guts.

On January 31st, I didn’t know all the stories.

Perhaps, the girl we saw the afternoon of January 31st was weeping. At my imagination, the sadness might be choking her. I am not mostly bothered why she had to do that: Go down on her knees and beg for her boy to come back. I am actually bothered about the choking part.

I know that feeling, FYI—throat is so firm that the more you prevent the crying, the more you feel like choking, or diving into a hot frying pan.

I didn’t know the detailed story but from what I heard, they might be experiencing a plummeting, hopeless relationship. I didn’t care.

I don’t care if the guy might have been called as pogi or heartthrob by his friends, but to make someone beg for your love or just the lone idea of making her beg is not so gwapo at all.

Anyhow, I must say that I put up all the déjà vu that day.

That night, I also witnessed a girl, who apparently managed to cry and talk at the same time, choked in the middle of her words.

Same reason.

I never bothered to listen because I might also feel that same choking sensation, especially seeing a tearful face talking about something, and words, saliva and Red Horse bursting inside out almost at the same time.

A great way to welcome February 2012. Will all things be in the same rolling?

I don’t know.


Since it was the last day of January, I expected a good night at Cheesecake, etc. Since it was their last day, I just thought that Cheesecake etc. deserved a good night for the last time.

I may not be a Cheesecake fan, but I will surely miss it. With Cheesecake shutting down, Sodexho territory in Eastwood lessned. Also, Yell Adworks employee’s 10-percent discount will no longer be benefited.