That Day

One, I am not riding the Feb. 14 bandwagon. Two, I was just forced to write something about it. Lastly, it’s not V-day anymore.

So today, I resent the idea of that day because unfortunately, nothing special happened.  February 14 has gone beyond what I have always least expected because, let alone the day itself, it is just a normal Tuesday.

I was thought that February 14 should be celebrated, but that is not to say that it should be celebrated in a grand manner.

A year ago, I was bugged by my friend to gave her a flower on the 14th. I was never her lover, nor having the slightest ‘something.’ Despite my will and so just to fill the breach of her desperation to receive flowers, I promised to give something or do anything on that day.

However, days before the V-day, an argument arose between us. My Feb. 14 plan was trashed and I spent the day like all normal days go—watched cat videos on YouTube.

Obviously, I felt alone and that left me quite a hope for new romantic story, but of course, not today, not for me. My friends thought that I was cheated by love and unfortunately deprived of a true happy ending story. Well, that’s life.

Anyhow, we never talked in a month or so. Of course, everyone assumed to feel innocent until one was proven guilty.  I knew that my promise sent a wrong message, and she was mad about it.

I deemed for reconciliation the next time we met. She said that I was wicked, firm and heavy-handed, oppressive, harsh, blah.


This year, I thought of doing something special that just ended up in sleeping. When I woke up that night, I knew that I should do something.

After contemplating, I grabbed my phone, checked if her number is still there, made a message.

Message sent.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Sino ka-date mo tonight?