This written account was part of that examination. Funny that I sounded so smart and precise and full of certainty. This is for my then-column space, Blueprint.


In the very midst of student’s welfare of Far Eastern University, the FEU Advocate has stretched its functions as the vehicle of expression for the student body and to the whole FEU community as well.

By its latest account, the trend of moving students to stick away from being in the apathetic circle has been constantly remarkable to its extent. Among these changes the FEU Advocate had set to the studentry would be the extending lull to the University-wide elections.

Recently, University Commission on Elections (Comelec) had announced the new breed of student leaders to serve the Academic Year 2010 to 2011. The hype brought by the elections marked an increase in the number of voters. This has proved that school organ refines students, making them more involved and putting  the apathetic aura away.

Based on the official list from Office of Student Affairs and Community Services (OSACS), the electronic-voting increased with a mere 50 percent compared to last year’s.

This year’s numbers, in fact, marked the highest number of voters in the ever Far Eastern University Central Student Organization and Institute Student Councils election history.

OSACS student development coordinator Dr. Marcon Espino admittably assumed that the increase was brought up by the aid of FEU Advocate in releasing pre-election issues.

As the first-to-know information, the monthly paper becomes an exemplary account to deliver newspapers on time, without compromising FEU Advocate’s integrity and quality.

To relate this bonanza to national issues, media has been allowing ads from running candidates to air their pleasing vote-for-me ads.

With of Comelec’s directive of 120 minutes air time allowed for each candidate and 180 minutes for radio stations, media–print, broadcast and television–reckoned as one of the most important role in influencing mass people.

Like media, FEU Advocate exposes its existence monthly. Since its establishment 75 years ago, the official monthly newspaper has surmounted weekly newspapers and as a pioneering publication in Asia.

The monthly newspaper had recited new twists of stories. Bounded by facts and accuracy, it serves students in the very best way news could be delivered. Recognized as the flagship organization in the University, FEU Advocate had been a tool to criticize and question leaders and their terms.

Like party conventions, forums and debates in the national elections, with the help of different media partners and civic organizations, Filipino people have committed  themselves in criticizing the president-to-be of the Philippines or any related matter that greatly affects them. The FEU student-Advocate relationship does the same thing.

College is the stepping stone to the real world. What happens in collegiate level should not be tolerated outside the borders of the University. In FEU, students and the newspaper are the perfect portrayals of the outside scenes. The relationship should act amicably.

Like sheathed dagger, FEU Advocate inter-played the division of good and bad, setting differences as the years come. But sticking to what the journalism ethics has thought the student-journalist, FEU Advocate will remain in the middle. For some, collegiate newspapers, in general, would just end up like being downplayed the privileges that the glory of bylines brings. The worst thing that could happen: it would cut the skin, let out the blood pour, screams for indignation.

Journalists are the vehicles of people’s expression and FEU Advocate is always sustaining it. For the legacy passes on to generations to generations, let good journalistic practices embody the organization. FEU Advocate has recited for the betterment of the FEU community–then so be it.