Raffy Christopher Dominguez. October 6, 1991. A Mathematics major in Far Eastern University – Manila. Works in Yell Adworks as proof reader. Single. Grumpy most of the time.

They say Raffy is the name that gives the person the ability to be creative along practical lines of endeavor.


His ideas can be very original and inventive.


While the name Raffy creates the urge to be creative and original, it points out that it causes procrastination, lack of confidence, and the inability to realize your goals and ambitions.

People with this name enjoy being with people in a social environment, which might not be true for some reason.

The truth is, I never enjoyed being outside with people I do not know or even encountered before.


I thought that I unconsciously regarded my childhood not as cheerful and happy, not as sporty as other usual and normal children do. I happened to turn down afternoon invitings with childhood friends; instead, I went to the nearest possible corner of our place, sat for a long time and when got bored, round a route that I knew, ending up to notice that I was lost.

Most of the time, I just daydream. At this point of near quarter-life crisis, I still daydream. Perhaps, I was used to that part of my life where I stuck just dreaming what an F-16 jet fighter really look like, or wondering if the Cinderella story is just our neighbor’s story. Daydreaming is just a waste of time. But that’s the pleasure of it.

I am no vain, but my personal appearance is important. I want to make a good impression on others.

They say: I am a good listener. They say that they can easily confide problems because I am capable of giving unsolicited advices, though I may not follow such advice myself.


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  1. MIMI Says:

    Raffy… blah blah..

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