I envy John Gabriel Pelias. I envy the only air-worth people who fly freely in the heavens after reaching their dreams.

I am 19, like Pelias, and it didn’t occur to me–not until last nightthat I am out-of-track. When the hint of derailment happened a year ago, my numerical ability, somehow, has passed out like a total black out. It was like something has gotten into me and siphoned everything.

Years ago, I had the initiative to conduct a trial of patience in numbers (especially when I looked smarter than my Math teacher). I always tried, and got the absolute result. Never did come a time I acknowledged that skill until I reached college. I took Mathematics and ended up in writing, editing, and the likes. It is a pleasurable universe, I must say.

I thought that choosing Math would do me even the slightest grain of comfort. But that was a mistake. I feel that the path I take everyday transforms to its unfamiliarity. Everything is a warning and I see unusual appearances (not literally unusual, of course. That’s only a metaphor).

To date, however, I assume I stared at this path with a sequel of glad discovery. Numbers and writing. That’s cool!

Last night, I was watching Iba-Balita, a Studio 23 show; and there, Pelias was interviewed. As usual, he told the most typical, I-know-that story. Financial shortcomings, poverty, blah.

It might not be the most tragic tale of life and that’s the reason why I am so envious. I don’t say that I got the most pathetic life. I just feel it, a heartburn indeed.

Anyhow, as I set in a new stage, I always enter lost and confused, catching myself busy thinking about the maturity tense. Remember, I am only 19 years old. I should be having the best, dragging time of my teenage life. Well, here I am instead, writing this woe in one of the offices here in Eastwood, Libis.

If I were just only given the chance, we may be wandering in the same heaven. Their universe is so big. I would be glad to share that fate with them. I could study in UP and get a fair and understandable GWA, at par with Emerenciana Yuvienco Arcellana.

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