Today marks Jaco, Grace, Joms, and Fred’s one year stint in the company. To minimize office tensions and just for the sake of kill time, I made these.

Someone told me that time is created to be wasted and make the best of it. So guys, while away the time, until comes a day you will say, “Shet no? Parang last year lang.

Cheers for the year that was!

The Year That Was

The Year That Was

The Year That Was

The Year That Was

The Year That Was

Today is my one-year-three-months post as a proofreader. Since October 2011, my daily mantra would be “I hate my job! I hate my job!” So today, it just occured to me a realization of want-to-quit-my-job-but-can’t.

After lunch, while I was in the middle of reading, a thought just overshadowed everything and just left me totally blackout. This led me for my today’s remarkable realization.

Will everything change if I just walkout, take off and leave my job high and dry?

All I wanted to do today is to hit my head hard on the nearest surface. Headlong. Bang!

I wanted to throw everything away: keyboard, monitors, chairs, papers.

Go up and go. Go up and go. Go up and go.

Proofreading might not be a dream job for me but the situation left me with no choice.

The truth is: I like my job. I feel satisfied, people are nice, pretty good at what I do and my 15-month stint as a proofreader might be one of the things that I really feel proud of.

This might be a ‘bad rap.’

So in order to console everything and to pull myself back to positivity, I just did what I love doing at work: Playing dead.


Made this when the world got suddenly bored. In the middle of the afternoon, Zeno and I were fed up of working all day long.