Probably five years ago, reality has run into the idea that I was young and long gone are the finances and other supports.

I quit college and got a reasonable good job. It was not easy, of course. But it was a clear path that I certainly need a job.

In the wake of year 2010, I scrambled myself to find a good pay. I know that jobs in this country have caught up to the positive ride of the economy. I heard new buildings have risen everywhere.

But to qualify a job, even if it is not a dream job, a degree is always posted as a requirement. And all I needed was luck.

Good fortune visited me and I landed a proofreading job in an advertising company. I said that I will not let this kind of job slip away. To be hired without a degree is no cakewalk.

After a year of proofreading, I realized that this is not a dream or a real job for me. It was not even a career to consider for a Math major student. The job itself is not intimate.

March 2012. If it meant for me to see a silver lining while losing hope as a proofreader, stepping in as a Reports Analyst must be the exact and perfect view. Someone from the Reporting Team resigned and I was asked to fill his position. To my surprise, it was all a change of scene.

My stint as a proofreader is over. I am now walking a new lane which I am unsure if I can hold it steadily.  The interest for numbers is still there, and has increased positively.

I am just worried how this level suited me. The toughest part is making this thing work and stepping out of my comfort level.

In a younger age, when I came across to questions of what profession will you be in the future, I confidently say that I will become a statistician, an analyst or something like that. And now, I am making that dream happen.

I will definitely be counting on this. The job may be a jumping board to higher positions after sitting as Reports Analyst for a long time.

This job meant to me. I am glad that I am inclined to it and most likely a job to settle with.  For the time being, the job may not be well-compensated, but the pay is already enough to make a good living, especially for a 20 year-old undergraduate young man.

I believe that not having a degree makes you less of a career. I can always go out and grab that degree anytime I want to, but of course within a definite time line.

With this, I am decided to go back to school and continue what I always love and enjoy: numbers.