On January 31st, I didn’t know all the stories.

Perhaps, the girl we saw the afternoon of January 31st was weeping. At my imagination, the sadness might be choking her. I am not mostly bothered why she had to do that: Go down on her knees and beg for her boy to come back. I am actually bothered about the choking part.

I know that feeling, FYI—throat is so firm that the more you prevent the crying, the more you feel like choking, or diving into a hot frying pan.

I didn’t know the detailed story but from what I heard, they might be experiencing a plummeting, hopeless relationship. I didn’t care.

I don’t care if the guy might have been called as pogi or heartthrob by his friends, but to make someone beg for your love or just the lone idea of making her beg is not so gwapo at all.

Anyhow, I must say that I put up all the déjà vu that day.

That night, I also witnessed a girl, who apparently managed to cry and talk at the same time, choked in the middle of her words.

Same reason.

I never bothered to listen because I might also feel that same choking sensation, especially seeing a tearful face talking about something, and words, saliva and Red Horse bursting inside out almost at the same time.

A great way to welcome February 2012. Will all things be in the same rolling?

I don’t know.


Since it was the last day of January, I expected a good night at Cheesecake, etc. Since it was their last day, I just thought that Cheesecake etc. deserved a good night for the last time.

I may not be a Cheesecake fan, but I will surely miss it. With Cheesecake shutting down, Sodexho territory in Eastwood lessned. Also, Yell Adworks employee’s 10-percent discount will no longer be benefited.