Woooh! I just turned another year older.

I never usually spend big plans in celebrating my birthday. Since this is my 20th year of existence, I want to make it big time this time.

Last year, I spent my day drinking with my father. Guess that was the first time we drank together, and to tell you, he did most of the talking. Though we haven’t talked too much, the last thing I wanted to do that time is to jump out of the chair and celebrate my day solo.

Two years ago, my friends knocked a mini-surprise for my birthday.When I entered the office, the lights were turned off and someone lighted a candle on top of a cupcake.

My 18th Birthday

I was worried every time my birthday draws near. I admit that this is a matter of expectations. Before, I felt angry when my friends aren’t doing anything for my birthday. Birthday is like Valentine’s Day, Christmas or New Year’s Eve and all holidays to mention. It is just the same way we expect and celebrate those days.

This 2011, to make this me-time for my 20th year, I had my friend’s permission to stay with her family in Baguio during my birthday.

Independence it is. I left Manila the day before my birthday and spent the next days with gratification, splurging myself into the coolness of Baguio City alone.

Afternoon delight

I did almost everything I wanted: went to see Lourdes Grotto and prayed, walked through the busy street of Session Road, thought of things that I am grateful of and ponder over regrets,  took a beer and spend the chilly and foggy night at the rooftop where I stayed.

When my friends found out that I am MIA on my birthday, they say, “Noooo! What are you doing there? Having some drama?” True that being alone on your own birthday is sad.

Anyhow, I went to see Oh My Gulay Artist Cafe to enjoy and wine and dine. I ordered Anak ng Putanesca, forgot what the ingredients were, but it tasted good. To sum it up, I also ordered a steamy cup of hot chocolate, perfect to go with smoking.

Hot Chocolate

When I think how old I have now become, I will always fell satisfied because I am seeing everything I want the world has to offer.