Quezon Province. Sick bicycle. A one-mile lambanog.

It is a guarantee that spending Holy Week in Quezon could lead to an endearing and overwhelming quest; and to escape both sides of the busy Manila streets this vacation, I went to Quezon with my friends to loosen up and indulge in country living cravings. Leaving this promising place is nothing without bringing their specialty – lambanog.

Welcoming Black Saturday in one of Quezon’s beaches was one-of-a-kind. For one, tagayan at the sea shore with my never-tasted-liquor called me a good distance to soberness.

The recognition of my tongue interestedly recalled the distinct lambanog taste – a calm current that draws down to the stomach and goes with pleasantly unanticipated attacks. Compared to branded beverages, lambanog has less tolerance in being a chronic drinker, though it gives you the same crack. Also, you may feel less intoxicated even bringing yourself to more excessive alcoholic drinks.

This, perhaps, has been the quest I have been looking (I am not actually a liver-killer. I just like being in that asylum when having quality time with my friends).

Anyhow, the next day, I was up for leap. Before leaving Quezon, I planned to buy lambanog. However, due to inevitable situation, I took a risk.

The situation was this:

Neither both sides of the street crossed a jeepney so I decided to run a bicycle instead of being just a dyip-setter.

The route was familiar since I could only go in one direction. It was not easy, I must say. Since I was at the extent of my impatience in waiting a round trip tour to bayan, I propelled a dysfunctional and sick bicycle’s pedals.

A one-mile track to the lambanog stand

The place to San Pablo, Batangas was not gloomy. Mobilizing a bike that is out of sync was a hassle. It almost killed me. I wasn’t completely aware that I was leading to a mile journey.

However, as I ran farther, the aid of the trees and the place itself were plainly true. The afternoon sun is indeed a scorcher; but I basked and donned it.

After reaching the lambanog store, I took few seconds to relax my muscles, then contemplated on how to run a bicycle with a 1.5 liter lambanog on one hand.

I ran few strides forward, paused, and moved again. Tsug…tsug…tsug… Then suddenly,  faster and faster. It was a fast, sensitive process of one-mile way back.